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12 weeks out and my prep for the NABBA Universe has started
I have taken my starting stats and taken my starting photos so I can gauge my progress over the coming weeks.
I will be blogging weekly on my website so if you are interested in following my progress and seeing how I approach a competition diet and see what it takes to compete then make sure you keep hitting my site.
I will be letting you know exactly what I aim to eat each day along with my training regime and my mental approach to get the job done.
It will be a realistic insight for all you potential bodybuilders out there that haven’t experienced prep before or the ones who have fallen short on their own preps previously. I will show you what it takes for an old bodybuilder like me, who has been lucky enough to have won many titles over a 26 year period, to keep hitting stage condition and keep improving. The way I deal with victory, defeat and feedback. What I use as my competition goal setting etc.
I will also tell you the supplements I use from my sponsors Muscle King Nutrition and what it takes to attract sponsors to be potentially interested in you (a question I get asked a lot).
This is not an ego trip, this is about showing the reality of what it takes mentally and physically to compete at a bodybuilding show as the best version of you.
So watch out for many tips and honest advice coming your way!

23 hours

Lets get on with it!
I had my skinfold measurements taken today using the poliquin skinfold calipers using the 3 point Jackson/Pollack method. I do not claim this method to be the ultimate in accuracy but at least I can reasonably gauge the fluctuations in my skinfolds over the duration of my diet which is a great asset to me and a principle I use with my clients.
My starting body-fat reading via this method was 7.17% and my average skinfolds were:
Chest: 4.2mm Waist: 7.5mm Thigh: 5.2mm
This puts me in an advanced starting position than what I normally start prep which is why I am using 12 weeks as opposed to my normal 16 weeks.
This also means I can lose my body-fat at a slow rate which is great for maintaining muscle tissue which should hopefully mean I can hit stage with a full and lean package. That’s the intentions anyway.
Here are some pics of my current starting position and condition.

diet start1 25

The reason I am starting leaner is due to a short but monitored off season since my last show.
I am starting this prep with fire in my belly and a hunger to succeed at World level in the Masters ranks. Without this fire and focus my diet would be a long and painful road! When you have desire the plan becomes easier to stick to especially on the tough days because you are ultimately focused on your mission!
determination (2)

The key to successful dieting is preparation. I generally cook for a few days at a time then my meals don’t have to be thought about as they are already there. My aim is to never go longer than 2 ½ hours without food so I can hopefully prevent my body going catabolic (using muscle tissue as an energy source).
My current starting diet goes something like this (but is always open to adaptions)
Soon after waking (7am ish): 3 weetabix, 40g Muscle King Whey, dozen frozen blueberries, 10g natural peanut butter all blended with water. I have this as it’s easy to eat and quickly absorbed and I don’t always have an appetite on waking.
10am: 175g chicken breast + 175g white potato + 50g green veg (all cooked weights)
12.30pm: 100g porridge oats + 50g Muscle King Whey mixed with water
3.00pm: 175g salmon + 175g green vegetables
5.30pm: 175g chicken breast + 225g sweet potato
8.00pm: 175g lean steak + 125g root mash
10.30pm: tablespoon (low fat) cottage cheese + 30g Muscle King Whey made with water

Each day in this first week will be pretty similar which is what normally happens with a bodybuilder’s diet when they are getting ready for a show.
I gauge my weekly progress via the weighing scales to start off with, as if I am using the skinfold calipers too often they can give off some negative readings (due to skinfold placings). I aim to never lose more than 1lb in weight a week because if it’s much higher than that I am at high risk of losing that lean muscle tissue I have worked so hard to gain.

eat right

My current training split:
Sunday: QUADS
Wednesday: CHEST & TRICEPS
Saturday: I focus on my weaker body-parts which is generally SHOULDERS or TRICEPS


As far as CARDIO goes I start my diet with very little as I want it to be most effective in the final weeks when I get to the last bits of stubborn fat.
A lot of people start their diets on high cardio which gives them very little to manoeuver on when body-fat loss slows down. The same can be said about the use of thermogenic fat burners. If you take these at the start of your diet the chances are they will be ineffective in the final few weeks (most important time).
I think I will leave it here on my first prep blog as there is plenty to read here.
I will be moving onto my supplement usage from my sponsors Muscle King Nutrition via Active Sports next time round.
I would like to blog more than once a week as I am passionate about what I do and like to share tips and advice with others but due to my busy workload with clients it probably wont happen but where I can I will.

Also if anyone wants me to cover any issues by all means message me through private message on facebook (I always answer these first) or feel free to e-mail me at steve@stevejohnsoncoaching.com
Generally there is a delay in me getting to e-mail messages as most are business related and are dealt with in order of priority.
Thanks for looking and let’s hope that you find a lot of useful tips in my blogging and that in the process of me doing this you see the realism of the sport. You will see the ups and downs you have to deal with hopefully on my journey to achieving my dream of that Universe title on Oct 29th 2016.

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