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8 days out from the NABBA UNIVERSE and the prep monster has got me

8 days out from the NABBA UNIVERSE and the prep monster has got me

So it is now 8 days out from that NABBA Universe which has been my main focus since achieving 3rd place at last years competition.

It used to be a life long dream just to appear on that stage. Now I am here doing everything I can to try and win it. It’s funny how your expectations of yourself raise when you realize you can actually be competitive at the highest level.

Current Status

Current status as you can tell by the title of this blog is that prep is hitting hard. That’s the way it has to be if you want the results that bring trophies! I am feeling very drained physically and mentally as I push my body to achieve very low body-fat levels.

My focus though is as strong as ever! With the help of my training partner Owen Crampton and my gorgeous wife Lesley we are still moving forwards!

Pleased to

Current Daily Training

Stepper (morning fasted cardio – 30mins) + Restriction Training through the day + Stepper (evening cardio – 30mins).

Current Nutritional Regime

Meal 1 = 4 rice cakes + 150ml egg whites + 30g casein + 10g greens powder

Meal 2 = 200g turkey breast + 125g sweet potato

Meal 3 = 200g turkey breast + 125g sweet potato

Meal 4 = 200g turkey breast + 125g sweet potato

Meal 5 = 175g lean red meat + 100g sweet potato

Meal 6 = 150ml egg whites + 30g casein

At present I am looking to run this regime through until Tuesday (4 days out) when I will slowly raise carbohydrates and reduce proteins up until show day. I am not a lover of carb depletion/carb load in the final week. I believe the body can rebel from dieting extremes when it is at its most delicate. Any stresses on the body can lead to the holding of water between skin and muscle tissue and I have seen this many times in the past.

Having said that we are all different and some people highly benefit from the “peak week” scenario.

Here is a little video on youtube I posted regards my current energy levels and my reflective mood.


Thanks for looking

Steve 🙂


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