My approach to nutrition – keeping it simple

As with everything else I do I try and apply a common sense approach to nutrition to keep in line with my daily energy output.

Although there are many out there who will make the nutrition very scientific and confusing I personally try to simplify things and apply the basics as to what my body needs at a particular time of the day.

I feel it is very important to maintain a balance with nutritional input but I prefer to time my foods to specific targets I ask of my body through the day.

I look at foods in a pure basic form like this which hopefully makes it easier for people to understand:

Carbohydrates = the body’s external energy source

Proteins = assists repair and building of healthy tissue

Fats = another external energy source and needed for correct functioning of the body

So how do I apply these to my daily diet?

I consume most of my carbohydrates before my physical exertion in my training sessions to ensure I perform to the levels I expect of myself. I also make sure I take in fast acting carbohydrates post workout to replenish the muscle glycogen (energy) I have spent through my workout quickly and effectively.

Proteins I take all through the day but essentially make sure my last 2 meals contain the highest and most substantial quality proteins. It is whilst I am in bed that my body (like everyone else’s) goes through its main recovery period. I ensure my protein intake is adequate to take maximum advantage of this period of physical repair.

I also make sure I always have my post workout Muscle King Nutrition Whey Protein as soon after training as possible whilst blood flow is still active in my trained body parts. By my mind this will mean more of those important proteins are going to where my body requires it rather than waiting an hour or so as my body functioning normalises and a much smaller amount then getting utilised by my recently trained body part. I hope I haven’t made that sound confusing?

My fats are constant through the day and I tend to keep a close eye on these. The healthy fats I tend to rely on come from natural peanut butter, oily fish, coconut oil etc but I do try and keep these quite low in comparison as they are hard to avoid.

I feel if I can create a common sense approach to what I do my mindset is far more positive because I am putting (in my opinion) the correct fuel in at the right time to give my body best chance of improvement. You have to believe in what you are doing to be able to ease back in the knowledge you are fuelling your body correctly.

This method works for me and I truly believe in what I do.

What is your approach?

I always like to stick to basics as it works!

I will go into timings and types of food I eat in later features.

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